Success Stories



Wilma's Story - I came to Lochside Learning Centre to get help with Job Searching. I attended the Work Club and enrolled on the Employability Skills Course which helped my confidence so much. I then enrolled on the Retail course to learn the jargon and find out what employers looked for in this sector which meant I could then look for this type of job. I then enrolled for the Pre-fusion Hospitality course which came at a time when I thought I would never get a job. I successfully completed the course which meant I now had my Personal Licence, World Host and REHIS qualifications. I have now managed to secure a job in retail. I work in my local corner shop and I know that going on these courses and gaining these qualifications is what got me my job. Thank you to all the staff that helped me on my way.




Caroline's Story - I registered with Access to Employment in April 2013 and used the drop in service and work club at Lochside Learning Centre. I got help to do my CV and jobsearching. The staff were very friendly and helpful. I also enrolled on the Care Taster course and on the last day of this course Sammy came and spoke to the group about volunteering opportunities. I put my name down for the Lochside Girls Group. I got started with volunteering with the group in September 2013 and it was through this that I got to do my Introduction to Youth Work course. I also signed up to do the Retail course at Lochside as I wanted to work in this sector. The course taught me a lot and we got a visit to the local Tesco store. When I completed the Retail course I got an interview with a local shop and I got a start with them on 1st November 2013. I know if I did not come into Lochside none of this would have happened for me. I am thankful to Sammy and Claire for all the help and support they have given me. I have also just completed the Pre-fusion Hospitality course at Lochside and now have my World Host, REHIS and my Personal Licence qualifications.




Kevin Bell: Work Clubs at JPC and Lochside:


 I have been unemployed for 10 months. Thanks to the staff at the Work Clubs who helped me with my CV and application forms. I have now secured a full time job welding/ fabrication with Nichol McKay based in Prestwick.



Dawns’ Story - Following being a stay at home mum to two girls who were now in school I was looking to retrain and gain up-to-date references.  I applied to Access to Employment and was delighted to be given a place on the Business Administration course.  The staff in the Flexible Learning Centre were very friendly and helped to boost my confidence and were always available if I needed guidance, and through their support and the experience of being on a work placement I have now completed an SVQ Level 2 in Business Administration.


I have recently been applying for jobs and I have now secured employment as a Receptionist with a local Hotel, without the support and help of Access to Employment and the Staff in the Flexible Learning Centre, I do not think that I would have come this far.



Anar’s Story - I was having rather hard time, I was looking for job and to my great disappointment I was not successful.  And because I had not lived long enough in the UK everything was harder for me.  Then I was advised by my adviser from Job Centre to apply for the Business Administration Course that was delivered by Access to Employment, I welcomed the idea with enthusiasm.  It was a great opportunity for me to develop new skills, improve my English, meet new people, and make friends and most importantly to get a proper understanding and knowledge of Business and Administration.  I had always been interested in how Businesses are run.  Therefore studying the theory in a busy office environment and getting practice straight away was exactly what I considered as pure luck.  So I seized the opportunity and applied for the course, I was then invited for the interview where to my further amazement I was told that the course included ECDL and I would also be sent to a Work Placement where I potentially could get a job, or at least a reference (which in my case is very important) and which consequently would improve my chances to get employment.  So I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, and this is exactly what happened.  I have nearly finished the course and now in retrospect I realise that I have hit almost all the targets I was aiming;  I have improved my English and feel much more confident, I have accomplished ECDL, I have made friends and now I am on a Work Placement getting work experience.  


Today I am very grateful to Access to Employment, the Flexible Learning Centre, and to all the staff members for support and for being so friendly, helpful and encouraging.